Audits and Certification

Supporting Good Practice and Compliance

The CCA and its members are working on a series of audit and certification mechanisms for crypto lenders and related firms. Certification will entail verified compliance with a set of responsible practices, processes, and principles, and act as a badge of quality for customers, partner firms, and regulators alike.

Crypto Seal of Trust – In Progress

In conjunction with the Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA) and numerous other stakeholders from the crypto sector, such as the USTETA CLIC (Crypto Logic and Integrity Committee), the CCA is contributing to the establishment of a trust seal for crypto actors, helping to establish a baseline of set of verified good practices for crypto actors.

The seal will help customers avoid potentially fraudulent or irresponsible actors, regardless of jurisdiction.

Crypto Lending Risk Management – In Planning

One of the CCA’s main objectives is to encourage self-regulation in the crypto lending industry, by supporting the development of, and adherence to, responsible lending and financial transactions practices.

This includes, but is not limited to, risk management norms such as listed in the CCA’s Guide to Crypto Lending Risk Management.