Announcing the Good Practices Guide to Crypto Lending Risk Management

A CCA Publication

The Crypto Credit Association is pleased to announce the publication of the first version of our guide to crypto lending good practices.

The guide consists of a series of high level principles that actors in the crypto credit industry should consider, whether they are lenders, borrowers, centralized platforms, or DeFi networks/DAOs. Assembled by CCA members based on experience in both crypto and traditional financial services and credit-related good practice, the guide complements the CCA’s manifesto for the development of crypto credit risk management principles,

CCA’s guidance provides financial actors in the fast-growing crypto lending space with a solid baseline for reducing their risk, and that of their customers and broader stakeholders.

Of equal importance, implementation of these practices helps forestall poorly conceived, potentially damaging regulations. If our industry consistently demonstrates that we take responsible lending and risk management practices seriously, regulators are likely to be more open to our and our partners’ inputs to pragmatic and principles-based rules.

Financial actors should do their best to be aware of and follow responsible risk management policies. Self-regulation is always a preferable first step before the enforcement of legal mandates; we thus encourage all participants in the industry to ensure that their in-house practices are as mature and complete as possible

You can access the downloadable guide via our “Publications” page at, or directly access it here in pdf form.

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