Board and Governance

Members of the Board of Directors

The CCA is governed by an elected Board of Directors. The Directors are responsible for governance and planning of all Association activity. Over time, the Board will special interest committees to form and focus on specific aspects of this activity.

Board Members

Paul Murphy

Paul is Co-Founder of Credmark, which was originally formed to provide credit scores for Ethereum addresses. One of Paul’s startups was acquired by FICO. He knows more about consumer credit and corporate ratings that any normal person should.

Paul lives in Italy where he tries to balance his love of crypto data with his love of olive oil and cheese.

Darshan Vaidya
Board Member

Darshan is co-founder of Credora, a technology firm that is leveraging privacy-preserving technology to build confidence in credit markets. Credora enables real-time credit analytics and powers transparent and efficient markets. Darshan’s background is from derivatives trading and risk management, having worked for 12 years across investment banks and market making firms in traditional and crypto markets.

Sidney Powell
Board Member

Sidney is CEO and Co-Founder at Maple Finance, an institutional crypto-capital network powered by blockchain technology. Sid has a background in debt capital markets and institutional banking. He has participated in $3+ billion of corporate bond issuance, established and ran a $200+ million bond funding program, and managed treasury at a commercial fintech company. Prior to co-founding Maple, Sid was treasurer at Angle Finance.

George Maddock
Board Member

George is a bilingual 20-year resident of Tokyo, who launched his Financial Services career as Controller at Credit Suisse, UBS and Merrill Lynch, following a successful foray in marketing & advertising for Formula 1 Racing’s Benetton Team.

John Salomon
Board Member

John is an information security professional with over 25 years of international, cross-sector experience in technology and leadership roles. His in-depth knowledge of security risk management and regulatory considerations in the global financial sector includes a strong understanding of the challenges around the increasing prevalence of fintech and crypto services as established parts of the industry. John is a member of the Cybersecurity Advisory Network (CyAN); he is a Swiss national and resides in Spain.