About the CCA

Serving the Global Crypto Lending Industry

What is the CCA?

The Crypto Credit Association is responsible for the development and dissemination of formal standards for the crypto-based credit industry.

The CCA maintains a set of self-governance principles for the sector, and serves as an advisory body to stakeholders in both private industry and government around the world.

  • Define and publish standards.
  • Establish audit and certification mechanisms for companies in the crypto credit space.
  • Work with regulatory bodies to encourage the development of consistent rules.

CCA is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in Switzerland, supported by membership dues and external grant funding.

Why Was the CCA Founded?

Crypto-based lending is a new, comparatively unregulated space. The rapid evolution of technology and business practices bears the risk of unethical, irresponsible, or simply uninformed actors provoking regulatory overreach that can stifle innovation and the opportunities inherent in this sector. The CCA aims to prevent and mitigate potential market volatility from bad practices, and to pre-empt the need for highly restrictive regulations by fostering the creation of a thoughtful, informed, and pragmatic code of conduct for industry participants.

  • CCA activities are funded exclusively by membership dues. The board may decide to accept sponsorship or grants, if this does not conflict with the members’ and the association’s interests and autonomy.
  • Member dues are annual, and assessed on a voluntary basis. The CCA relies on its members’ understanding that a strong, coordinated set of capabilities supported by the crypto lending industry requires financial resources.
  • Fees are assessed annually, and are payable via bank or crypto transfer. For organizations joining before 1 June 2023, joining fees are waived.

Who Should Join?

CCA membership is open to any commercial entity with activities in the crypto lending space.

Associate membership consists of interested individuals and external entities with an interest in, and an ability to contribute towards, the development of the association’s objectives.

The CCA is a non-profit society incorporated in Switzerland. An elected Board of Directors, consisting of members in good standing, determines policy and direction; the CCA Secretariat

Board elections are held annually at a CCA general assembly. Institutional members (Corporate, Enterprise, Charter) may nominate and vote for candidates.