The US Crypto Regulatory Environment

With Dean Tappen, Executive Director of CLIC

We were happy to welcome Dean Tappen, Executive Director of the USTETA CLIC (Crypto Logic and Integrity Committee) for our latest video conversation around risk management and regulatory topics.

In this video, we focus on the US regulatory environment, particularly the present state of regulation, which agencies are responsible for ensuring the stability of crypto finance, and current challenges surrounding the development of rules and structures.

Dean and I talk about how many of the failures (and failings) recently experienced across various crypto firms are nothing new in the financial sector. We discuss how rather than being tech- and innovation driven, crypto actors must understand that they are financial services firms and act accordingly, and the need to differentiate between crypto technology and crypto companies – with DeFi and related innovations having trust built in rather than relying on existent, mature regulation and unreliable norms in traditional finance.

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