Regulation, Risk Management, and Good Practice

A Video Interview with Dave Weisberger, CEO of CoinRoutes

We were privileged to welcome David Weisberger, co-founder and CEO of CoinRoutes. CoinRoutes is a prominent and leading algorithmic trading company across CeFi and DeFi.

In this two-part video conversation, Dave shares his views on a topics related to risk management, stability, and regulation in the crypto lending space. He also discusses his four considerations for regulation – protection of client assets, robust and mandatory risk disclosure, fair and equitable markets, and items pertaining to “fiduciariness” of intermediaries.

How did excessive risk taking and lack of transparency lead to crypto failures among lenders? What are some of the similarities between bad lending and risk management in traditional banking and crypto, and why is it unreasonable to single out crypto for irresponsible practices?

How can crypto technology help create stability through trust, transparency, and traceability, and how can it open up the kinds of closed financial systems that are a major factor in traditional bank collapses such as SVB?

How do these principles affect all of financial services? What is the role of risk in crypto lending and other crypto related services? What are the respective limits and roles of technology and regulation in creating trust in underlying crypto market infrastructures? What are Dave’s predictions for future practices and regulations?

Video (YouTube) part I / part II

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